2A Organization of Architecture & Urban Design Excellence  


The organization of professionals who have presented special features of different fields of Architecture and Design, these professionals include Architect, Urban & Landscape Designer.




from the first days of 2020 when Coronavirus was spreading all over the world and leading to crisis and disasters, people started to stay in their home and tried to avoid the spread of the virus.
The situation is still going on and lifestyle is also changing in all different aspects of society.
Under these circumstances, maintaining health, responding to the needs of patients and preventing the outbreak, by not letting more citizens get infected, is a top priority . And government officials strive to provide people with crisis education.
In the meantime, humanitarian and international guidance by scholars in different societies is very effective in helping inhabitants, by emphasizing clam, the social structure provides the opportunity for crisis acceptance.
Under this situation, values infiltrate society and eliminate flatterers.
The genuine distinguished architects are the true lovers of art and humility who have always been concerned about good and righteous humanity.
Architecture is the social application of art, the center (with a source of  professional international experience in the different activities of architecture )introduces these outstanding architects along with their rich spiritual values and knowledge.




Architecture is one of the most intricately discussed of all artistic practices A particular architectural instant takes into account creative, technical, financial, social, political as well as communal issues of production  be an expression of the time Every admirer of architectural debate is  mindful of the architecture’s social, innovative and environmental role.  In the present times  architectural innovation  is an environmental concern encompassing geographies of  local and global communities .  It is an unending process and there is never enough of it.

In this organization, we strive to make people conscious to identify  the original architectural practices of various typologies from different countries by  introducing the architects as the outstanding architects and showcasing their innovative, social, environmental and political impacting their community and context.


The Role and Responsibility of 2AOAUE During Crisis:


The Positive and useful role of this 2A Organization During Crisis:
As it can be observed these days where Coronavirus Pandemic has created serious challenges at Global scale, a real problem has also arisen which is caused mostly by social media on the internet. Too much fake , unreliable , unprofessional , non-scientific news and information is easily circulated at large scale among the majority of the population, which in turn leads many people to go astray by using these misinformation and consequently face a lot of real and sometimes even life threatening conditions. Therefore there is an ever increasing need for reliable sources of professional information, knowledge, and expertise , to help everyone in the society to have access to real, vital and useful guidance when needed during various crises. The center of distinguished architects, can be really helpful in this matter, and provide the necessary and useful and professional database and references, during the times of crisis, which can act as a complementary tool alongside other related organizations . And understanding this need, was one the main reasons that we chose to create this center at this time.


Establishing an Informative Reference of Architecture & Design:


Persistent innovation and research are integral to facilitate progressive architectural practice world over. The 2A Organization of Architecture & Urban Design Excellence has been established with this purpose in mind. History has evidenced that research and innovation in the architecture Arena have led to constructive social, economic, and sustainable developments throughout the world. Research and innovation have also drastically improved the quality of life throughout the world. Hence as a responsible citizen of the architecture world, it is very important to contribute consistent efforts towards research and innovation of architectural designs. At the pivot of the center focus is to create new and improved architectural solutions that adequately address today’s business issues and efficiently improve the architectural standards worldwide. Studying the outstanding architect’s professional life and background obviously is a crucial effort towards prudent architectural problem-solving and towards the exchange of architecture knowledge and innovation, new ideas, cultural treasures, technological advancements and sustainable methodologies globally.
Becoming a member of this pristine architectural effort is a privilege in more ways than one.

Evaluation Criteria:


The outstanding architect & urban design definition of evaluation has been adopted by 2A Magazine.

The definition contains seven evaluation criteria that should be used in assessing the activity.

The evaluation criteria for applicants qualification are as follows:

– Effectiveness

– Creativity

– Innovation

– Quality

– Originality

– Environmental friendliness and considering social and cultural needs

– Unique transformative vision and Ideas toward Profession

– Having professional and academic publications

– Winner of accredited international awards

Note 1: An evaluation committee will review the credentials, Professional background and experience of the applicant. (The point: From the list of 2A members of advisory and editorial board, the professionals will be invited as the evaluation committee)

Note 2: If it needs to talk and make an interview with the applicants, it will be contacted by the organization team.

Note 3: Approved letter will be emailed to the applicant as the acceptable case of distinguished architects and share the instruction for the next steps (after the registration in three days).

Note 4: There is No Registration fee in 2AOAUE.


– A recommendation (optional): the people who want to register in this part (to be introduced as an distinguished architect & urban designer):


A page in 2A ArchiPedia to present their portfolio, abilities and effectiveness.

Note 1: It needs to be registered in the 2A ArchiPedia at the website which can present participant’s portfolios.

Note 2: 2A ArchiPedia is the same as 2A Architectural Encyclopedia as one of the activities of 2A Architecture & Art Magazine Inc.

Note 3 : The distinguished architect should not necessarily belong to a certain age group or profession, he/she can be a young innovator with little Professional background, but with inventive and progressive ideas.

Now, Submit the completed online application form in the below link and kindly answer the questions which will be reviewed automatically by our system.


The Questions:


– How can architects and landscape designers intervene to alleviate the human affections in the realm of the built environment?

– How important is context in contemporary architecture design? As an architect and educator working around the world, what are factors, criteria or even constraints that have an influential impact on your profession?

– In your viewpoint, what is the necessity of the 2A International Center for Architectural Excellence (2AICAE) as one of the activities of 2A Magazine to reflect the professional’s originality and effectivity during the times of crisis?