2A Magazine: By identify the characteristics of the Ideal cities our goal is to present an ideal model for other developing cities to use    in order to help them to improve and enhance their living standard and life setting in their own cities. Each region will have a designated nominator who is completely familiar with their respective region whom will be available to help to the candidates to submit and present their cities.

The Categories: 

Metropolitan, Cities, Multi Cultural, Historically, Artistically and Culturally Distinctive Cities 


The Spiritual Dimension of Cities, Nader Ardalan
Published in 2A Magazine Issue #26 Biography: Nader Ardalan  As President of Ardalan Associates, LLC, Nader Ardalan is an architect... Read More
Ecology and Spirituality in Cities: Towards a Spirit Enriching Urban Environment by Maged Senbel
Published in 2A Magazine Issue #12 Biography: Dr. Maged Senbel’s research explores parallel areas of inquiry: a quantitative and critical... Read More
Love and Beauty, Michael Benedik
Published in 2A Magazine Issue #17 Biography: Michael Benedikt is ACSA Distinguished Professor of Architecture at The University of Texas... Read More
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